The Sweet Taste of Summer I Watermelons Cookies Galore

We just passed the summer solstice yesterday and it is officially summer! With school on the verge of being “out” no matter the district, sweet reminders of summer are everywhere! And it was with summer on our minds that we created yet another end-of-year-gift for our favorite educators!

Check out these “Happy Summer” Message Cookies paired with Mini Watermelon Slices! We’re especially proud of our layered rind and perfect (in our opinion), “watermelon red”

IMG_4695IMG_4685IMG_4684Here’s how the watermelons came to life:


All packaged up! Aren’t these cute teacher or hostess gifts?

IMG_4697 IMG_4701

What do you think? Has summer arrived?


Day 5 of “A Very Jewish Summer” | Ceviche and Champagne from BisStyle


As our blogging event concludes, we travel today to the Holy Land and visit Meir at who has dedicated the blog to group we would call in the States: “foodies”! The blog is so fun and captivating, his photographs of the food he both creates and captures from local restaurants are a treat in and of themselves – everything looks so good and delicious – one of our favorite posts was entitled (translated), “Time to Learn Chocolate” … enough said, so we clicked through and found a delightful post with photographs surrounding a visit he made to the French chocolatier, Valrhona, like we said, delicious!

Thanks for stopping by to visit us for “A Very Jewish Summer”. We hope you will continue to stop by all of the blogs we’ve shared this week. Here is a wrap up of the summer fun!

Day 1: Evoking Childhood Shabbat Memories…Prehistoric Style from Yenta Mamas

Day 2: Shabbat Style: Alfresco Orange from Chai and Home

Day 3: Camp Care Packages With Love from Made by Mamaleh

Day 4: Portobello Burgers with Sundried Tomato Aioli from Busy in Brooklyn

Day 5: Ceviche and Champagne from BisStyle

Day 3 of “A Very Jewish Summer” | Camp Care Packages with Love



As our week of blogging for “A Very Jewish Summer” continues, please click though to Made by Mamaleh (, where Gaby creates a modern Jewish home, “one project at a time”! She’ll show you to put together the perfect camp care package! Her blog is fun and delightful, showcasing the homemade and how everything comes together. Her greeting cards are adorable! Enjoy her post and by all means, let her know what you think after you’ve visited her site!

Here’s a peak at some of the goodies to include!



A Very Jewish Summer

Yenta Mamas is proud to participate in the first inaugural A Very Jewish Summer! Five bloggers from the United States and Israel are getting together to present stylish and clever ideas to inspire your summer. Each day from Monday, June 17 to Friday, June 21 a new post will be published by one of the bloggers on the topic of summertime, Jewish crafts, kosher food, and entertaining style. The blog roster features the leading emerging Jewish blogs today.

This year’s roster includes:

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Is Your Dad Groovy? I Happy Father’s Day Cookies!

Sometimes we have small amounts of icing colors left over … most of the time we combine them and make a really rich black (which is difficult to make from bright white icing), but this week inspiration struck for tie-dye t-shirts when we saw the bright array of colors in front of us.

With that, we decided to make these fun Father’s Day combinations for our dads and husbands – colorful sunglasses, “Groovy Dad” message cookies, flower power cookies – and of course, tie-dye t-shirts!

So, what do you think? Is your dad or husband groovy enough?

IMG_4722 IMG_4724


Congrats UCLA Grads! I Special Nod to the Women’s Water Polo Team Captain

In honor of a special graduate from UCLA ( we made this gift – Message Cookies, Confetti and Streamers and Water Polo Balls – funny enough, just last year we made a similar gift for a high school student who was headed to join the UCLA Men’s Water Polo Team (see them here)!

As excited as we were to make this gift, we were even more excited about our UCLA Bruins Bear replicas! For this fluffy version of the mascot, we used a large teddy bear cookie cutter and trimmed his body away, then, after matching the school’s colors, Elaine carefully added all of the fun details … and for now, he’s at the top of our list of our current favorite cookie!




Abracadabra…It’s A Magic Theme Party | Magic Hat & Bunny Cookies

Who doesn’t love an adorable white bunny being pulled from a hat? We thought long and hard about what to make for a magic themed party.  It’s hard to come up with something other than playing cards and the good old bunny out of a hat!

Do you believe in magic? Well, we do, especially when we’re able to (successfully) repurpose a cookie cutter  and use it for multiple shapes!  Here’s what we used…a giant bunny cutter (Note: We used this cutter one other time to make grapes. You can check it out here)


Then we hand cut the hat:

photo-1Next we had to decide on a color scheme. Now, generally a top hat is black, but we don’t like how it turns the kids’ mouths black. We opted for a gray hat to avoid the black faces at the party.  Here is how the fluffy bunny came to life:


IMG_4634 IMG_4635





All in all, we loved how cute they turned out, what do you think … are they magical enough? Hope your have some magical summer plans!

Hot Off the Presses! Mollie Makes Wedding Bookazine includes Yenta Mamas!

About a month ago we were contacted by Mollie Makes Magazine, a U.K. “lifestyle and craft magazine for those who live and love handmade” ( The magazine was interested in including our Downton Abbey cookies (or “biscuits”) in their Spring/Summer Wedding Bookazine for pages dedicated to Themed Weddings.

We are so excited to be included in this wonderful publication dedicated to taking a look inside the “homes of the world’s most creative crafters”!

We have taken a couple of photos of the magazine cover and the inside photo of our cookies and byline. See our original Downton Abbey post here:

Enjoy and let us know what you think about this really special inclusion, thank you, Mollie Makes!inside magazine magazine cover



Thanks for Teaching Us to Fly | Teacher Appreciation Cookies

It’s that time of year again…Teacher Appreciation Week! Where to start? There are so many ideas to choose from…Let’s see:  Thanks for helping us bloom (See last years post here); Who’s the best teacher? (mini owl cookies would be so cute) and I could go on and on.

This year the room moms decorated the classroom door with butterflies that the children had made and it hit me….mini butterflies in a jar with a message that says, “Thanks for helping us spread our wings and fly!” Most importantly, I love butterflies and I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to use the mini cookie cutter. We decided on blue, green, and orange. Hope you like these mini beauties.

IMG_6525 IMG_6528

We added some coordinating hearts because they are always a favorite!

IMG_6530 IMG_6531

Mazel Tov! | Bar Mitzvah Cookies

Traditional images come to mind when a young person is called to read from the Torah as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

And so of course we were honored and excited to make some special cookies for such a special occasion … but where to start?

Believe it or not, it was our first time using the Torah Scrolls and truthfully, we weren’t sure, especially after our first layer of flooding when Blanche (5 year old) informed us she thought they were Popsicles! Oy vey!

Later, we would have to say these we’re our favorites, fully complimenting our white Stars of David draped with Tallit (prayer shawls), along with the traditional saying of congratulations, Mazel Tov!

Let us know what you think!

IMG_6255 IMG_6254 IMG_6253

IMG_6258 IMG_6261