“Annie” Mania! | Orphan Annie Musical Decorated Cookies

How adorable are these fun replicas of Annie’s iconic red dress? We were seeing red (and not in a bad way) as we made these frocks!

IMG_9958 IMG_9981 IMG_9983

We paired the dresses with popular quotes from the show including: “It’s a Hard Knock Life” and “Leaping Lizards!” Enjoy!

IMG_9977 IMG_9986


The Sweet Taste of Summer I Watermelons Cookies Galore

We just passed the summer solstice yesterday and it is officially summer! With school on the verge of being “out” no matter the district, sweet reminders of summer are everywhere! And it was with summer on our minds that we created yet another end-of-year-gift for our favorite educators!

Check out these “Happy Summer” Message Cookies paired with Mini Watermelon Slices! We’re especially proud of our layered rind and perfect (in our opinion), “watermelon red”

IMG_4695IMG_4685IMG_4684Here’s how the watermelons came to life:


All packaged up! Aren’t these cute teacher or hostess gifts?

IMG_4697 IMG_4701

What do you think? Has summer arrived?


Is Your Dad Groovy? I Happy Father’s Day Cookies!

Sometimes we have small amounts of icing colors left over … most of the time we combine them and make a really rich black (which is difficult to make from bright white icing), but this week inspiration struck for tie-dye t-shirts when we saw the bright array of colors in front of us.

With that, we decided to make these fun Father’s Day combinations for our dads and husbands – colorful sunglasses, “Groovy Dad” message cookies, flower power cookies – and of course, tie-dye t-shirts!

So, what do you think? Is your dad or husband groovy enough?

IMG_4722 IMG_4724


Congrats UCLA Grads! I Special Nod to the Women’s Water Polo Team Captain

In honor of a special graduate from UCLA (http://www.uclabruins.com/sports/w-wpolo/) we made this gift – Message Cookies, Confetti and Streamers and Water Polo Balls – funny enough, just last year we made a similar gift for a high school student who was headed to join the UCLA Men’s Water Polo Team (see them here)!

As excited as we were to make this gift, we were even more excited about our UCLA Bruins Bear replicas! For this fluffy version of the mascot, we used a large teddy bear cookie cutter and trimmed his body away, then, after matching the school’s colors, Elaine carefully added all of the fun details … and for now, he’s at the top of our list of our current favorite cookie!




Say, “Cheese!”

Happy Birthday to my cousin Shelly! I couldn’t think of a better birthday present than celebrating Shelly’s love of photography (check out her work/blog at waldmanphotography.com).

What kind of cookies should we make for a photographer? What comes to your mind first when you think of taking pictures? “Say Cheese”, of course.  We honored that tradition with some camera and cheese cookies! We’re so proud of how the cameras came out.

We made message cookies honoring the age old saying.

We made some real cheese too!

The next set of message cookies says, “Click, Snap, Smile.”

Now for our favorite…the camera.

Since this was for a birthday, we threw in some “Happy Birthday” too! Here is the set. Say, “Cheese!”

Happy Birthday Shelly…Hope you get to do a lot of cheesy things!