Chanukah O’ Chanukah

Chanukah cookies have always been a tradition in my house. When I was a kid my mom would let us put the sprinkles on them. We made these fun royal iced message cookies and had a good time coming up with something a little different. The favorite was the menorah in the star! –EW

Let It Snow!

Frosty never looked so good, even here is sunny southern California! Being the Yenta’s that we are we always seem to come up with fun sayings for our message cookies that inspire us to make more…so enjoy the snowmen! We also did some “Santa Baby” and “Ho, Ho, Ho” which could be “OH, OH, OH” if you turn them around!! Peace, Love, Joy was another holiday favorite. We sure had fun with these.

Winter Art Project

I volunteer to teach art in my kids’ school for 1st and 3rd grade! This is the perfect volunteer job for me since I love getting messy and doing art projects.  My new favorite blog is Deep Space Sparkle. Her website is truly amazing with the amount of lesson plans and information she provides. I know I can always find something to do with the kids on her website.  I am going to have to send her a really nice thank you note.  Here are some pictures of the really cool Cardinal project done by the third graders. –Elaine