Wine Divas!

A group of ladies were hitting the road for a wine tasting getaway! How fun to escape from the kids and enjoy the beautiful vineyards. We think these cookies came out so great you might even mistake them for the real thing…ha ha ha!

First you need the wine…so here are two wine bottles to get the party started…oh…and don’t forget the cheese.

Next, grab the glasses and fill them up…

How about some grapes…wouldn’t it be nice if there was actually someone to feed them to you?

Grab your swim suit to enjoy all of this pool side…

Here is the party tray! No whining that you didn’t get any.


FYI….here is how we made the grapes…we started with a bunny rabbit cutter and cut off the ears (ouch). Then attach one ear for a stem. The photos below will show the many many layers of icing. We used three different colors of purple to get the variation in color! We waited for each layer to dry before moving on to the next layer (approx 2-4 hours). The green stem was added at the VERY end after everything is dry.

2 thoughts on “Wine Divas!

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  2. Love, love, love these. The swim suits are so cute on the heart shapes. Love the reuse of tools and shapes. Your attention to detail and patience (four layers of icing on the grapes), is simple amazing. Love that the cookies are your mini edible canvases.

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