What’s on Your Oscar Ballot? | Oscar Party Cookies

We wanted to do something fun and original for the Oscars (to be broadcasted on ABC this Sunday, Feb. 24: oscar.go.com/) … first we planned to do envelopes or message cookies that said, “And the Oscar goes to …,”. Then we hatched an idea inspired by using only the animated films (largely because we had actually seen them). Oh and then there was the idea of Hollywood Stars and replicas of the TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Mann Chinese Theatre or Grauman’s Chinese Theatre), who knew the name/owner had changed again? But I digress because focusing on iconic Hollywood symbols made us think of the ultimate Hollywood icon!

Pictured below with some quintessential gold stars, check out our replica of the famed sign! 


Queen for a Day! | Purim Queen Cookies

It’s Purim again! Last year we made some Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus cut out cookies using bright and vibrant colors to help us retell this biblical story of good over evil (http://yentamamas.com/purim-is-coming/). This year we kicked around the idea of making grogger (noisemaker) cookies or Esther’s crown and Haman’s hat … but none of those ideas were that inspired. Then, just this morning, I was looking for a cutter and came across this little tulip we have and bingo … an idea was born and I said to Elaine, “Look! Mini Queen Esther Cookies!” (it doesn’t take to much to make us happy around here) … so we baked a batch for our friends and got to work with the fun part!

First, we iced the top of the tulip to make her crown, applying a small amount of disco dust (edible “pixie dust” like stuff) to the wet icing to give her crown that royal sparkle.

queen crowns

Then we filled in her beautiful porcelain face. Next, we gave her some perfect red, pretty lips.

Of course no queen is finished without an abundance of hair.


Lastly, we gave her some eyes to see and “blushed” her cheeks to give her a rosy glow.


Queen Esther

Isn’t she just the most darling queen you’ve seen in a while?

I’m Nuts About You! | Valentine’s Cookies

Well, we reached for the stars this week in Valentine’s Day preparation and in return we got some love! Everywhere we turned, there was a little piece of love! Check out these coordinated Valentine’s Day Treats and Teacher Gifts appropriately titled, “I’m Nuts About You”!


Each adorable gift we made included a hot pink Squirrel (complete with a handsome bow tie), a fully flooded Acorn and Mini Heart and a Message Cookie. How cute are these?

Nuts Teacher GiftThen, moving on, we made Mini Heart Valentine Gift Bags for classmate and friend giveaways, boy were these cute and plentiful! We made over 200 of these suckers! Wow, we have a lot of love to spread, don’t we?!
IMG_5946 Mini Hearts in Bag

Happy 2013 | Cookie photo booth props

Photo by: Waldman Photography

Photos by: Waldman Photography

Happy 2013! Thanks to Waldman Photography we had a super fun photo booth on New Year’s Eve! My girls had a blast posing for the camera and I think the adults did too. We took our annual family photo with our “New Year Sunglasses.” (I really need to make a collage of my family in our glasses from all the past years!) The best part was that of all the Yenta Mama cookies were put to good use (see cookies here). Check out some of the fun!

Photo By: Waldman Photography

Photo By: Waldman Photography

Karen_headshot-WaldamanPhoto-8x12-51 Karen_headshot-WaldamanPhoto-8x12-45 Karen_headshot-WaldamanPhoto-8x12-40

RR 2013

Holiday Angels

We are busy making teacher gifts for the holidays. This years theme is “Thank You for Teaching our Little Angels.” We love the simplicity of red and white together. For other angel inspiration check out sweetsugarbelle.com who did a beautiful tribute post to the families in Connecticut.  Enjoy!


Gobble, Gobble!

Wishing all our friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Our kids gave these to their teachers this morning! We’re so happy that we don’t have to cook this year. Hope everyone makes it safely to their Thanksgiving destination.


Next year in Jerusalem!

We know that this statement is traditionally made at the conclusion of the
Passover Seder, but we couldn’t help but to make that small wish as we
decorated these Yom Kippur (Break the Fast) cookies! We hope our vision of
that classic Jerusalem skyline was seen with ease, especially when paired
with our colorful shofars, stars of David and dark red holiday apples!

Mustache Mania

If you’re looking for some fun party ideas for your little one or for an adult who never grew up … how about some ties and mustaches! The theme of this party was “Little Man’s Birthday” and aside from the temperamental cutters, we had great fun making these silly treats. We can only imagine the photo ops that ensued! 


Ballet Princess!

This was the perfect cookie for kids that love to play dress up and dream of being a ballerina. After searching high and low for the right ballet slipper cookie cutter, I ended up hand cutting them. Here is the paper template I drew.

Next comes the fun part and also the part that takes patience. Icing is a step by step process: 1. Outline in pink.  2. Flood in pink. Then wait to dry at least 4 hours.

3. Flood the top of the foot white.

4. After everything is dry, use a piping consistency pink to do the details over the top. I generally use a #1 tip.

The princesses now have their slippers and just needed some tiaras to go with them!

Here is the final platter with both cookies.


Countless cookie ideas came to us when we were asked to bake some treats for a farewell party for a friend who’s sister was moving to Hawaii – our minds went wild with possibilities – giant sea turtles, pineapples, surfboards, palm trees – all of course bright and colorful, just like the islands … and that lovely flower that litters the landscape, the plentiful hibiscus.

Once we decided on our theme, we realized we didn’t have a cutter for the hibiscus, not that it mattered, we ended up bending a clover cutter into the shape we needed like many bakers do. Check out Glorious Treats Blog for this and other amazing cookie tutorials! Our friend asked for bright colors, we chose hot pink and yellow, dusting the stamen with yellow chunky sugar. We also made some “Aloha” message cookies to go with them. Aloha Michelle!