The Dowager Countess of Grantham Returns … | Downton Abbey Cookies

To Downton Abbey (… and to our living rooms (in the States) on Sunday!

For a few months now, I have been telling Elaine, “There’s this terrific show on BBC, you should check it out, you would enjoy it – it’s full love-to-hate characters and love-to-love characters and beautiful costumes and gorgeous cinematography – plus a bit of mystery and intrigue and painfully real (yet soap-opera-ish) story lines and drama”! And then I go on and on …

Alas, life is busy and can you believe it, she still has yet to watch one episode!? But all that will change on Sunday evening when she attends our friend Staci’s Series 3 Premiere Party (where apparently Mr. Bates will be serving something, ha) and deniably, she’ll be hooked and forced to buy Series 1 & 2 on Netflix … to this fun gathering, Staci had asked us to bake some fun Downton Abbey-inspired cookies!

Check out our maid’s dresses and classic porcelain tea cups and please, let us know, if you too, follow this stellar program!!

Maid & Teapot Cookies vertical maids & teapots maids dresses teapots

One thought on “The Dowager Countess of Grantham Returns … | Downton Abbey Cookies

  1. I haven’t watched this show either April, so I guess I too will have to play catch up. The dresses and teapots are really cute. Hope the party is fun.

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