End of Year Teacher Gifts…Flower Bouquets

We made these adorable flower pots for our kids teachers! I love the bright colors.  Enjoy the “You Help Me Bloom” Theme!

The flower cookies were put onto lollipop sticks.  I cut the cookie shape out of the dough and then press the stick into the back side and put a little extra dough over the top. Then bake them with the sticks!

To decorate them, first do the sugared middle..or else the sugar will stick to the other parts! Make a small circle with white frosting (I used a loose piping consistency). Then dip into the sugar crystals. I used orange here.

After you dip the cookie in the sugar, then you pipe the flower pedals and fill them in with the royal icing. I used a think flooding consistency so I could outline and fill at the same time. Warning…be careful because it will spread a little and you don’t want it to drip over the edges of the flower. If you are not confident, then pipe first and then fill the pedals!

Here are some of the finished pops….I couldn’t decide which colors to use to I made some white and outlined in pink which I thought looked great!

After they dried overnight…I made two bouquets and wrapped the rest in bags with toole. I wrap each cookie in a cellophane bag with a ribbon and then pushed each pop into a container with foam! Here are the finished arrangements! I love the way the message cookie brings the theme together.

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