Ballet Princess!

This was the perfect cookie for kids that love to play dress up and dream of being a ballerina. After searching high and low for the right ballet slipper cookie cutter, I ended up hand cutting them. Here is the paper template I drew.

Next comes the fun part and also the part that takes patience. Icing is a step by step process: 1. Outline in pink.  2. Flood in pink. Then wait to dry at least 4 hours.

3. Flood the top of the foot white.

4. After everything is dry, use a piping consistency pink to do the details over the top. I generally use a #1 tip.

The princesses now have their slippers and just needed some tiaras to go with them!

Here is the final platter with both cookies.

2 thoughts on “Ballet Princess!

  1. WOW!! I saw how talented you where when I was visiting, but these are incredible. I thought the Fleur di Lis were great, but you have outdone yourself. Did you have art training or just a good eye? Love, Sharon

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