Queen for a Day! | Purim Queen Cookies

It’s Purim again! Last year we made some Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus cut out cookies using bright and vibrant colors to help us retell this biblical story of good over evil (http://yentamamas.com/purim-is-coming/). This year we kicked around the idea of making grogger (noisemaker) cookies or Esther’s crown and Haman’s hat … but none of those ideas were that inspired. Then, just this morning, I was looking for a cutter and came across this little tulip we have and bingo … an idea was born and I said to Elaine, “Look! Mini Queen Esther Cookies!” (it doesn’t take to much to make us happy around here) … so we baked a batch for our friends and got to work with the fun part!

First, we iced the top of the tulip to make her crown, applying a small amount of disco dust (edible “pixie dust” like stuff) to the wet icing to give her crown that royal sparkle.

queen crowns

Then we filled in her beautiful porcelain face. Next, we gave her some perfect red, pretty lips.

Of course no queen is finished without an abundance of hair.


Lastly, we gave her some eyes to see and “blushed” her cheeks to give her a rosy glow.


Queen Esther

Isn’t she just the most darling queen you’ve seen in a while?