Did Anyone Ever Tell You, “It’s what’s inside of you that counts …”? | Valentine’s Secret Gift Boxes

Well it’s true! Especially when it comes to these fun Valentine Cookie Boxes we made for our families!

To start, we baked the sides of the boxes, selecting cookie cutters that would work for the size of the secret compartment we needed (enough space leave our candy surprise therein).

After the cookies had baked and cooled, we got to assembling by using one of our whole cookie hearts as a base, piping a small amount of Royal Icing along the edge and setting our cutout cookie on top.

Heart Box 3 cookies


Herat Box bottom layer

Herat Box bottom layer


Heart Box Middle Layer



Next, we added our secret candy surprise!

Heart Box with m&m Then we decorated the tops of the cookies boxes.

Heart Box decorated tops

Then we piped around the edges of the cutout cookie and carefully placed our third layer to the top. Our boxes were complete … well almost!

IMG_6024Phew, now if only we can keep these little treats a secret for just a little longer!

IMG_6023 IMG_6028So … what do you think? What would you add to the interior of your Cookie Box if it were up to you? What do you think our kids will say when they shake their handsome Valentine’s treats tonight and they hear a little something click inside? Shhh … we can’t wait to find out!!


P.S. Our kids loved them and were totally surprised!

I’m Nuts About You! | Valentine’s Cookies

Well, we reached for the stars this week in Valentine’s Day preparation and in return we got some love! Everywhere we turned, there was a little piece of love! Check out these coordinated Valentine’s Day Treats and Teacher Gifts appropriately titled, “I’m Nuts About You”!


Each adorable gift we made included a hot pink Squirrel (complete with a handsome bow tie), a fully flooded Acorn and Mini Heart and a Message Cookie. How cute are these?

Nuts Teacher GiftThen, moving on, we made Mini Heart Valentine Gift Bags for classmate and friend giveaways, boy were these cute and plentiful! We made over 200 of these suckers! Wow, we have a lot of love to spread, don’t we?!
IMG_5946 Mini Hearts in Bag