Countless cookie ideas came to us when we were asked to bake some treats for a farewell party for a friend who’s sister was moving to Hawaii – our minds went wild with possibilities – giant sea turtles, pineapples, surfboards, palm trees – all of course bright and colorful, just like the islands … and that lovely flower that litters the landscape, the plentiful hibiscus.

Once we decided on our theme, we realized we didn’t have a cutter for the hibiscus, not that it mattered, we ended up bending a clover cutter into the shape we needed like many bakers do. Check out Glorious Treats Blog for this and other amazing cookie tutorials! Our friend asked for bright colors, we chose hot pink and yellow, dusting the stamen with yellow chunky sugar. We also made some “Aloha” message cookies to go with them. Aloha Michelle!

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