Red, White & Blue Memorial Day Weekend | Nautical Cookies

Is it really the end of May already? What are your Memorial Day plans? We made these fun  red, white, and blue cookies for a boating birthday bash! A friend was heading out-of-town to her fathers boat, named the “Lady Lynn“, for a weekend getaway.  Anchors, life preservers, and birthday cupcakes completed the platter.  We added in some whale cookies in hopes that they get to see some of these majestic creatures up in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  The Whales were inspired by one of our favorite cookie makers Sweet Sugar Belle. You can check out how to make them at on her blog here.

IMG_1510 IMG_1511 IMG_1514 IMG_1516

Say, “Cheese!”

Happy Birthday to my cousin Shelly! I couldn’t think of a better birthday present than celebrating Shelly’s love of photography (check out her work/blog at

What kind of cookies should we make for a photographer? What comes to your mind first when you think of taking pictures? “Say Cheese”, of course.  We honored that tradition with some camera and cheese cookies! We’re so proud of how the cameras came out.

We made message cookies honoring the age old saying.

We made some real cheese too!

The next set of message cookies says, “Click, Snap, Smile.”

Now for our favorite…the camera.

Since this was for a birthday, we threw in some “Happy Birthday” too! Here is the set. Say, “Cheese!”

Happy Birthday Shelly…Hope you get to do a lot of cheesy things!


“Hey, where’s Perry?”

That’s how we responded when we were asked to bake some special cookies for a Phineas & Ferb themed birthday party.  After a quick refresh on the specifics of the dynamic duo’s semi-aquatic friend, Perry the Platypus, we got to work! See some shots from our hours of fun below!

Here’s looking at you – eyes with black piping.

 Then moving on to Perry’s handsome bill – also piping consistency. We used a true orange color for the outline of the beak and a more goldenrod yellow for the flooding fill in the beak.

Time to fill in the whites of the eyes…we used a white flooding consistency.

Time for the finishing teal color. We used a flooding consistency. First, we outline the square cookie, then flood, and use a toothpick to fill in the details! Now, he just needs to dry!

Finished product…