“Hey, where’s Perry?”

That’s how we responded when we were asked to bake some special cookies for a Phineas & Ferb themed birthday party.  After a quick refresh on the specifics of the dynamic duo’s semi-aquatic friend, Perry the Platypus, we got to work! See some shots from our hours of fun below!

Here’s looking at you – eyes with black piping.

 Then moving on to Perry’s handsome bill – also piping consistency. We used a true orange color for the outline of the beak and a more goldenrod yellow for the flooding fill in the beak.

Time to fill in the whites of the eyes…we used a white flooding consistency.

Time for the finishing teal color. We used a flooding consistency. First, we outline the square cookie, then flood, and use a toothpick to fill in the details! Now, he just needs to dry!

Finished product…