Trader Joe’s Pretzel “Slims”, My Ass!

Now, we don’t know about you, but we know you pretty well enough to know that you know as well as we do, that those wonderful product and marketing people over at Trader Joe’s will pretty much cover ANYTHING in chocolate!

 And therefore, we also know we don’t have to tell you, they don’t use just so-so chocolate, no … they use the good stuff … and it is … oh, so good! And so while we made Chocolate Matzo Bark today in preparation for our seders … AND of course, in the spirit of cleaning out the cupboards, expunging our pantries of chametz (products containing leavened flour) – we were left with no choice – but to enjoy one of our newest Trader Joe’s obsessions … that last, lone bag of Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims.

Yes, these little treats are the yin to the yang of our taste buds – perfectly salty and sweet and decadent in every bite – no, those Trader Joe’s product development geniuses really don’t fool around, and neither do we when it comes to recommending good quality, unable-to-stop-yourself-from-having-just-one-more … treats!

So the moral of this little blog post remains: run, don’t walk, but run to your local Trader Joe’s and buy a bag or two (or five), just be sure, that if you’re Jewish, you eat them all before Friday (and trust us, you will)!