Horse lovers’ baby shower…

“Lucky Baby” themed baby shower for a great couple who choose to be surprised on the gender! I love this set of cookies… included baby faces, horseshoes, onsies and message cookies.  Don’t you love the star on the onsies?

Here are the horseshoes. I always outline first with black piping.  I was really happy with the green color! I add the black dots while the icing is still wet so the “sink in” and are not raised on top.

The baby faces are my favorite.

The message ties it all together…

All together….


Shake, Rattle and Roll … Over

When asked to make some cookies for a baby shower, we immediately thought we’d like to try cute little baby faces. Later, we realized we wanted to do something special to shake it up and decided to invest in a baby rattle cutter, check out the total package below. The onsies are always adorable. We were on a sanding sugar kick this week, so the rattles and onsies are all sugared up!

Here is a picture of the three different cookies on the platter! Which baby face do you like the best? I had binkie babies…so those are my favorite.

We made party favors with three cookies in a bag.