It’s Summer and the Ocean is Calling | Sea Life Cookies

Sea horses, angel fish, and dolphins make up this brightly colored ocean themed platter! The vivid colors remind us how gorgeous the sea can be. Hope you get to go see some majestic sea creatures this summer. If your in San Diego the Birch Aquarium has a great sea horse exhibit.  We are looking forward to dolphin spotting at our favorite beach this summer.  Enjoy…
IMG_1573 IMG_1574 IMG_1577 IMG_1580 IMG_1584 IMG_1585

3 thoughts on “It’s Summer and the Ocean is Calling | Sea Life Cookies

  1. I am in *LOVE* with these cookies!! The dolphins are gorgeous — and the colors of the seahorses and fish couldn’t be any happier! Now all I have to do is figure out a way to work some event around an aquatic theme! You guys are so awesome!
    In my perfect world…I’d have the dolphin cookies, some orca cookies, and some sea otters….and I wouldn’t share with anyone (okay — I would need to be coaxed to share…and would eventually cave in)! Hahaha! Go Yente Mamas!

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